for your safety, Online at home not available for tablet or phone use at this time


On-demand Telehealth sessions starting at just $6.00


Expert ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ medical care can begin with a medical doctor military grade encryption secure link in safety and comfort at home.


Why choose ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™?

ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ utilize telXmed™ servers, built with extra security features making telXmed™ superior to other telehealth services at protecting your health.

You are staying at home and social distancing. We can bring the world of expert medical doctor care of ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ closer to you and your family.

ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ seamlessly integrate your expert medical doctor care at home.


ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ utilize telXmed™ servers for medical accuracy, security and privacy. telXmed™ servers are built for only one application, your health and safety at home.


ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™  telehealth requires no sharing of personal information for new accounts unlike Zoom, Cisco Webex Meetings, Skype, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans Meetings, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts Meet or Jabber.


You may have experienced a telehealth visit with one or more of these platforms - do you know where your private conversation is stored? Most of these platforms store your confidential information on servers located overseas. If you have been a victim of a video-teleconference hijacking or any cybercrime, you can report it to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at If you receive a specific threat of harm during a videoconference, please report it at, 1-800-CALL-FBI. 

We route your connection through encrypted tunnels, telXmed™ advanced security features ensure an attacker cannot eavesdrop on your connection.  telXmed™ secured core architecture gives our telehealth service a unique ability to defend against network-based attacks. Secured cores protect your connection by routing your telehealth connection through multiple servers before leaving our network. An advanced adversary who is monitoring network traffic at your exit server (your internet provider technician for example) is not be able to locate telXmed™ users, nor match connection activity to you . telXmed™ secured core servers are located in hardened data centers onsite, protected by strong privacy laws, and operated on our own dedicated network. We use only the highest strength encryption to protect your telehealth session. This means all your telehealth session is encrypted with AES-256, key exchange using 4096-bit RSA, and HMAC using SHA384 for telehealth session authentication.


Under USA HIPPA law, we are not obligated to save any telehealth connection session nor log, nor can we be forced by anyone to perform targeted logging or recording on specific telXmed™ users. telXmed™ erases all connection data at the conclusion of your telehealth session and your private telehealth history does in fact stay private and cannot be turned over to a third-party under any circumstances (because there is no residual data to turn over even if attempted). Our no logs policy applies to all our telehealth clients, including anyone using telXmed™ free services (coming soon). We understand it is important for telXmed™ technology to be easy to use. telXmed™ applications have a simple and intuitive user interface so telehealth sessions can be done with a single click.