ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™

ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™ addresses a common situation when your health insurance company negotiates a settlement for our bill. When ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™ receives a request to negotiate or your health insurance company re-prices our out-of-network bill down to a very low amount based on its determination of what is “reasonable and customary” or doesn’t pay at all because the claim is denied or unreasonably delayed, ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™ disputes your health insurance company’s decision with a rigorous appeals process. ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™ presents strong facts and arguments backed by proprietary data and analytics.

We bill your insurance with negotiated fees. If your health insurance does not reimburse ValiseMD® with usual and customary payment or rejects the claim outright, ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™ will send your health insurance company to collections. We fight for your medical benefits. We do this so our fees will be applied to your deductible.

You will never receive a surprise bill nor be sent to collections.

We fight your health insurance, we don't fight you.

If our claim is ultimately denied by your health insurance company and they refuse further negotiation with ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™, your health insurance company is attempting to raise your deductible and funnel you to contracted hospital networks.

ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™ begins formalized grievance with presiding state insurance commissioners on your behalf, fighting for your entitled medical benefits and seek injunction to have our bill applied to your deductible even if we are never paid for our services. We do this to lower your out of pocket deductible.

Our professionals have been employed by health insurers or their out-of-network pricing partners and possess a depth of knowledge with intimate understanding of tactics health insurance companies use to decrease payment for medical services. These underhand tactics ultimately pass high fees to your deductible and 'out of pocket' hardship to you.

ValiseMD® Insurance Billing Service™ is singularly focused on getting your claims paid correctly, completely and on time.


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