Unjoin medical health insurance, employers and hospitals.

ObamaCare’s “employer mandate” is a requirement that all businesses with 50 or more full-time employees provide health insurance to at least 95% of their full-time employees and dependents up to age 26, or pay a penalty.

The employer mandate enjoined a social mindset with a toxic concept to fund medical care. Doing so caused financial harm and was an egregious insult to a sacred social contract between our society and medical doctors.

Thankfully the affordable care act is dissolving. If but for one concept - enjoining medical health insurance with employment - the affordable care act presumed an absence of human need for bonding healer and the sick.

Covid-19 pandemia is not only causing physical pain and suffering akin to countless past pandemics it is also expressing modern financial buboes from employer mandates and hospital admixture of profit with a sacred physician oath.

Should health care, as is the social contract between healer and sick remain enjoined? A social contract between healer and sick may never cleave as doing so would no longer describe a healer as healer. Separating health care from an entitled social contract is akin to amputating the arms and legs of a surgeon. Envisioning an amputee surgeon is exactly where health care in the United States remains at this time. When taken in context, health care of financially and resource poor countries is at a substantial ethical realm far above that of a profiteering system.

For the vulnerable, health care is a birthright not a choice.

Call upon those around you to equalize health care and restore its birthright to the vulnerable. If you are not vulnerable consider yourself temporarily on the lucky side of the coin. Everyone, someday categorically becomes vulnerable. Those who have salaries in health care to rival the poorest of country's GDP, executives who've no foot in the reality of comforting the vulnerable should capitulate their profiteering in the medical field and find a better way to serve humanity.

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