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Updated: Jan 4

Dr. Blanchard is founder and CEO of ValiseMD, Inc. He is board certified in Family Medicine and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been awarded 'Teacher of the Year' award from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He holds an unrestricted license to practice medicine and surgery in Florida and Alabama. He started his medical career as a Emergency Medical Technician, then as a Paramedic and later a Medical Doctor. You can find out more about the opinions of his patients here, at

Dr. Blanchard, tell us a little about yourself.

My grandfather introduced me to the fascinating field of medicine, discussing medical science and meaning supporting his decisions as a physician. He practiced medicine into his 80’s and was still mentoring me as we sat and talked privately during his 100th birthday party. Our discussions kindled my interest to study medicine further and become a medical doctor. After years of medical education however, I still recall my early days as a Emergency Medical Technician and have a profound respect for EMS First Responders.

In family medicine I help patients and their families understand how bodies function during healthy times and during illness. I enjoy helping each patient improve their own health or overcome a difficult challenge to their personal health, empowering and assisting them along the way.

I often think out loud while solving a medical problem with a patient.

My patients often comment on my ability to empathize and identify their real concerns and needs, and that I am curious and work hard with them to better understand their medical problems.

I’ve been a physician for over twenty years and before medical school served as a EMS First Responder. There are many times I’ve felt a sense of accomplishment and pride in my work. Once I made a house call during a medical mission trip in Paraguay, South America. I left the hospital and rode 20 miles on a motorcycle into the jungle to call on a 90 year old woman who had fallen and fractured her knee. What little I could do with limited resources was met with a profoundly grateful family of four generations living in the same hut. The elder woman seemed relived just to understand her condition and how to go about getting better with basic supportive care. She offered me one of her valued chickens in return and insisted I take it home for supper.

Working together to solve sometimes very difficult situations is most rewarding for me especially when I am struggling to reach a plausible diagnosis and treatment plan and enlist the expertise of the patient themselves. With today's access to clinical information online I've been amazed at the level of quality research my patients provide to me after some guidance on research priorities.

My patients have come to expect me to work hard for them, and for me to be honest with them about their health and situation.

I am often amazed at the tenacity of the human spirit during difficult times. When I witness someone adapt and improve their health despite the odds, I am encouraged to pass their success on to others facing similar situations.

It is my top priority to engage each patient with their own health or that of a loved one.

I do my best to understand my patient’s needs, and to foster an open and honest dialog to help my patients develop a medically sound and personalized plan of action.

I enjoy treating entire families, and multiple generations of families too. I consider it a privilege when the entire family and multiple generations of a family choose me as their personal physician.

I undertook additional medical training to learn about preventive cardiology, and I also have a patent in the field of gastroenterology.

My Education:


The University of Kansas School of Medicine Smoky Hill Family Medicine Residency is designed from the ground up with the needs of practicing rural family physicians in mind. Rural-focused procedural medicine, emergency care, and full-range outpatient experiences are integral to the program.

DOCTOR OF MEDICINE University of Kansas School of Medicine

Two year didactic at main campus in Kansas City followed by two year clinical rotations chosen in Wichita Kansas. The Wichita Campus was designed to help alleviate rural Kansas' physician shortage.


Awarded with Honors, my Biology concentration within the Human Biology major focused upon Genetics and Evolutionary Biology.

Emergency Medical Technician / Paramedic Education

Johnson County Community College, Kansas

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