Covid - 19 Endemic Plan

Updated: Jan 9

Covid - 19 is here to stay, much like influenza. Although unfortunate it may be time to prepare yourself and your family for the infection at home.

1. Begin with what is well known. Common simple interventions work to keep you and your family healthy. Wash your hands with soap and water; the Covid-19 virus is 'fat soluble' and soap dissolves fatty material. Lots of soap suds while washing is a great indication you have enough. If you can't wash your hands, only then use hand sanitizer.

2. Anti inflammatory foods and medication may reduce your risk for complications when exposed to Covid-19. Think 'anti-oxidant' foods. There are many to choose and my favorite is cocoa. Patients know I have many things to say about the amazing cocoa bean and could talk for hours about benefits of cocoa. Great news for chocolate lovers too. I am of the opinion that hydroxychloroquine should be available over the counter as a means to prevent and treat fatal Covid-19 body reactions of inflammation. I'll go so far as to recommend at least 200 mg taken orally once weekly until you obtain a Covid-19 vaccination, barring any contraindications identified by a medical doctor. Low dose aspirin is an option too and much less controversial at this time. Taken once daily, 81 mg aspirin will help keep Covid-19 inflammatory pathways under control. Many Covid-19 deaths are from blood clots and low dose aspirin is well known to reduce fatal clots.

Zinc comes in two forms; topical and oral. Topical zinc is found in zinc-gluconate lozenges (remember what gluconate does?). Oral zinc is a higher dose and is thought to improve immune system integrity. Unfortunately oral zinc can cause nausea in some.

3. What is chlorhexadine gluconate and could it help? Chlorhexadine gluconate is a common well established molecule used in medical procedures to prevent infection. I've used gallons of chlorhexadine gluconate for thousands of medical procedures over the years. I've seen a handful of allergies and these were minor. Chlorhexadine gluconate performs very well. I rarely use iodine and alcohol based surgical preps because of the excellent performance for surgical wound care. It is gentle on healing tissue and deadly on pathogens (bacteria and viruses). Although chlorhexadine is amazing so it the 'carrier' bound to it - gluconate. Simply put, gluconate binds to human tissue like glue. Chlorhexadine gluconate literally glues itself to human tissue.

Covid-19 is a corona-virus. Medical science teaches us that a corona-virus wall is negatively charged, or anionic. Chlorhexadine is cationic, or positively charged. You see where I'm going with this right? Like a magnet, chlorhexadine will bind corona-virus and kill it too. When alcohol evaporates from your skin it is no longer effective. Chlorhexadine gluconate remains glued to your tissue membranes as an invisible molecular barrier against corona-viruses and does not evaporate like alcohol. Iodine remains on tissue membranes but stains. Below is a collage I've made to illustrate how chlorhexadine magnetically attracts corona-virus.

Medical Plan:

If you are not symptomatic for a Covid-19 like illness (I'll recommend fever > 101F, fatigue, and muscle aches) then consider the items already discussed.

If you have a Covid-19 like illness, increase your hydroxychloroquine to 200 mg orally twice daily for fourteen days.

Get your Covid-19 vaccines regularly when available.

Consider those around you and do your very best to avoid passing your Covid-19 illness to others.


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