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With our expert care you may never need to see the inside of a hospital.


ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ seamlessly integrate the very best care medical doctor care from your home, motorhome, hotel, condo or workplace.

From that pesky sore throat to serious illness, our integrated care services open new pathways to heal - all in comfort and safety at home.

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Women wore gloves suturing lacerations f
Nurse apply orthopedic cast wrapped on a

All ERMEDIC™ Rapid Response Mobile Units are equipped with 3d high resolution ultrasound, ophthalmic slit lamp, 12 lead ECG, LifePak 20 external pacer with SpO2 and defibrillator, point of care lab, telXmed™ secured server and prehospital emergency medical supplies, delivering expert urgent care to you at home.

There is a highly qualified Medical Doctor onboard too.

  • Trauma based 3d and 2d ultrasound protocols quickly diagnose blood clots and subtle but serious chest or abdominal trauma which are often missed with xrays.

  • Ophthalmic slit lamp diagnose detached retina, injury to the cornea, or blockages of the retinal vessel, obstructions in the eye’s blood vessels that can cause a sudden or gradual loss of vision.

  • Blood, sputum, wound and urine testing help diagnose conditions such as urinary tract sepsis, silent heart attacks, anemia, MRSA, influenza, or corona-virus infections.

  • Musculoskeletal high resolution 3d ultrasound facilitates injury diagnosis and improves accuracy of trigger point and joint injections.

  • ERmedic™ Rapid Response Mobile Units are equipped to provide a wide range of intravenous fluids and medications in your home - for dehydration or serious infections.

We serve your community as a voluntary First Responder for 911 medical emergencies

and disasters at no charge to municipalities.

vital communication

ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ only utilize telXmed™ servers, built with extra security features making telXmed™ superior to other telehealth services at protecting your health.


ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ seamlessly integrate your expert medical doctor care at home.

ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™  telehealth require no sharing of personal information for new accounts unlike Zoom, Cisco Webex Meetings, Skype, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans Meetings, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts Meet or Jabber.

ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™ incorporate 24/7 global emergency response coordination center via global Iridium® satellite networks.


ERMEDIC™, ValiseMD® and tXmedic™  telehealth is much more than telemedicine, it is vital communication of your serious and complex medical illness with those working for you so you can heal at home or overseas.


We are also family physicians - the foundation of health care in America.


We also provide continuing and comprehensive medical care to patients at home regardless of gender, age, or issue. We are passionate, highly skilled professionals dedicated to serving our patients, their families, and the communities in which we live.


Your expert doctor care can continue beyond immediate need of urgent medial care by choosing

ValiseMD® at home Family Medical Doctor Care. 

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